Monday, 30 July 2012

Ramblings from my Desk.....(7)

It has been a couple of months since my last Ramblings post, so I hope that I am forgiven. The time has ticked by very fast and I looking back I am not too sure what I have achieved.

The biggest issue has been on the work front and I am in the process of taking my research business to the next level and adding the additional focus on bits of the day job - mainly in terms of training and care home work. I need to add the day job focus because of the rules around registration with the regulator, but as soon as I am set up being an employee is looking to be a thing of the past.

On the genealogical front, I am still plodding away researching, filing and trying to get organised and if I see another stack of papers anywhere in my study I shall scream. I had no idea I was SO messy! I really need to get into the habit of replacing into the filing cabinet items which I have removed. If I achieve that then that will solve the problem.

I am quite behind on some of my genealogical blog posts, which I find irritating. If I take part in a weekly series I do like to post in order, but I have a bit of a plan and all should be resolved soon.

On the book and reading front I seem to have acquired an enormous amount of books to review. They are like buses, nothing for ages then four (or more) at once! I have been given the opportunity to write regular blog posts for Historical Fiction which is wonderful and I am still contributing to the not so frequent Graveyard Rabbits blog - in fact I have a post due in a few weeks. I have also been asked to write a piece for Any Subject books, which should be finished in the next few days.

Alfie our lovely Border Terrier gets cuter every day. I had a few days away last week, joining hubby where he was working - more on that later. Our friends looked after Alf and from the looks of him he had a wonderful time. He had a walk on the beach and managed to find a very wet patch of sand. The result was he needed a bath, which is not one of his favourite pastimes!

The Olympics has just started and I wish the team members of Team GB lots of successes. I am not especially sporty. Sports at school was an inconvenience, as it reduced my reading time. Then when I got to about 12, I was introduced to hockey and that became a real passion. I kept playing for a while after my school years, but gradually it was a hassle to play, it caused huge discomfort to my joints and I eventually stopped. As a colleague said  recently "built for comfort not for speed!" and I could not agree more!

Well. that is it on the ramblings until next time.

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  1. i love rambles -- gets to & comes from the heart.


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