Friday, 27 July 2012

The Olympics - London 2012

We are just hours away from the Olympics opening ceremony. The Olympics runs from 27th July  through to 12th August. The focus seems to be typically on London, but there are numerous other venues around the Country taking part. The official website is HERE

I came across the following video which is about how the BBC Olympic theme was created for the opening ceremony.

Here is the video featuring the famous band Muse, who has links to the Devon town that I live in. This is the official Olympic song.

This morning I was reading the Daily Mail on-line and spotted that an article that there was to be no official photograph of Team GB. A sports photographer from the Daily Mail then set about photographing all the athletes taking part.

Although all 541 of Team GB are representing us as a Country they are not all going to be in the same place, so with the aid of some technology a single photograph of the individual athletes or small groups of them has been taken and then it has all being pieced together.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail
You can read the full article with names of all the participants of Team GB and see a video of how it was all done HERE. From what I can establish this is of the Olympic Games, and I hope that the Daily Mail will produce something for the Paralympic Games.

The Olympics - London 2012 runs from 27th July  - 12th August 2012
The Paralympics - London 2012 runs from 29th August - 12th September 2012

Good luck to Team GB!

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