Sunday, 13 January 2013

13 Challenges of 2013

Now, as readers of this blog will know, I like a challenge, so when I read this one over at Julia's Place I knew that I would probably take part. Julia is suitably inspired by her friend Lisa.

Here is the plan in Lisa's own words

‘Each challenge must be visited, photographed (where possible) & posted 13 times in the year. It does not have to be every day, every week or every month; but over the course of the year the 13 parts of the 13 challenges must be complete.’

  • Challenge 1 - Read 13 different books
  • Challenge 2 - Visit 13 different places
  • Challenge 3 - Visit 13 Museums and National Trust properties
  • Challenge 4 - Explore 13 different ancestors 
  • Challenge 5 - Walk Alfie (our Border Terrier) at 13 different venues
  • Challenge 6 - Recycle 13 different things no longer needed
  • Challenge 7 - Watch 13 different films (no repeat watches allowed)
  • Challenge 8 - Listen to 13 different unknown music artists or new albums
  • Challenge 9 - Write 13 letters that involve stamps and envelopes!
  • Challenge 10 - Cook 13 different recipes 
  • Challenge 11 - Visit 13 different eating venues
  • Challenge 12 - Take part in 13 group book reads 
  • Challenge 13 - Cull my book case by 13 books


  1. The cat may not like #5 so I think I'll pass :-)

    1. You can choose your own 13 - how about sit with the cat in 13 different venues? !!!

    2. Does sound interesting. I'll have to think of 13 challenges to do 13 time this year. I guess exercise 13 times wouldn't be a very good one :p

  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    What a fun idea! You have some great goals for this years.

    Tell me about the ancestors? Are you a genealogist? I am (amateur) and would love to know how you pick 13 ancestors, and then... what will you do?

    Have fun with the challenges!

    1. Judith, I am a genealogists and have been for a long while. The plan is to use the Family History Writing Challenge (see Monday's post) which will run through Feb and thus give me 28 ancestors. I plan to write about those selected and highlight the bits I still want to explore then pop all 28 into a book and publish.

    2. Anonymous9:53 am

      I see! So you already have a lot of information on these people (beyond DOB, kids, and job)? I have found loads and loads of ancestors but don't know that much about many of them (beyond the basics). Although some I know more about (like one that was banned from café's) or another that was a (locally) famous ship builder.

      I'm not into genealogy so much at the moment, but the challenge sounds fun! Hope you manage your goals.


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