Thursday, 31 January 2013

Creating a Photo Collage (the easy way!)

As you might have seen yesterday, I created this collage for February Photo Collage Festival.

When the conversation first came about over at Family History Across the Seas there was a debate of how the collage was created.

On the day I felt like creating my collage I was not within easy reach of the software package I had planned to you. Being a little lazy to walk up 30 stairs to my study I wondered if I could create something on line, free of charge.

Here enters the website PhotoVisi. Now, I was a first time user to the site. I have to say it was fairly easy. So, get a cup of tea, ensure you have access to the digital images and then click the link to the website.

  1. PhotoVisi
  2. Select choose a design and then hit enter
  3. Click on the large + button at the top left and add your photos (clicking on add photos each time)
  4. Click Finish and select the resolution you require
  5. Hit continue
  6. Then you can download your collage
A box appears giving you the option to email, send your collage to Face Book or Tweet it, you can simply hit the X and towards the bottom of the page is your collage to download.

So if you thought perhaps you could not make a photo collage, oh yes you can!

Come and join in the fun! - Sign up HERE and follow on Twitter - #fpcf13


  1. Hi Julie,
    Here to welcome you to the 2013 A-Z Challenge! I absolutely LOVE your wallpaper. I do not quilt, but I collect family heirloom quilts and you made me feel right at home. I wish you well in the challenge, and look forward to reading more of your posts. I like your collage and your directions are very good. (I'm a former math/English teacher turned office manager/HR, turned into homeschooling mom and am now oh so happily at home, kids in school, and spending far more time blogging and writing than I should. Oh well ;-)

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about the blog. As to spending too much time blogging & writing. Well, life is short and we should spend our time doing what we enjoy. Looking forward to the A-Z Challenge. Last year I linked it in to a trip to Australia and my ancestral links. This year will be of a revisiting and expansion following from our recent trip to Australia. We waited ages and then it was gone in a flash!

  2. Thanks for setting this out as it was an easy way to create the collage. The slowest part was choosing the photos and I opted for the straight line version because I kept wanting to change the sequence which messed up the fan effect.

    1. Glad it helped Pauline. I know choosing was the tricky bit!

  3. I went to take a look, even though I use photoshop, but they said it doesn't work with Macs. I used to use this free, online application to do birthday collages. You can chose the size of 4 x 7 which would give you 28 so it would work for 28 too.

    1. Thanks for the link to the Mac friendly site. I had not considered about Mac users so apologies for that.

  4. opps, the link for Mosaic Maker is

  5. I have always been impressed with blog photo collages, but had no idea how to create them and my computer ability is no more than average. Your instructions make it sound easy, and I am going to give it a try - so watch this space! Like you every Nov. I have tried to do something on my blog to mark Remembrance Day and my family who fought in two world wars, . but coming up the 4th year of my blog, I am repeating myself on war memorials, family profiles etc. So thank you for coming up with this. suggestion.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Have a go with the instructions and if you have any problems give me shout. Looking forward to reading your post.


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