Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I was just catching up on some commenting at Mad Dog Women of Shackelford's blog and thought that I might share this with my own audience.

As I may have said before, Alfie our Border Terrier was a rescue dog. He had been returned to the breeder. We heard about him through Border Terrier rescue, who in turn got our details from a local vet.

So, we went to see Alfie, who was called something different. The story we were told that he had bitten someone and had been in a family with young children. So, we pondered that did not seem to be the whole story.

Once at the breeder he was in a cage, outside in a barn. He was frightened and didn't know what was happening. We felt, regardless of any bites we could not leave him there and bought him home.

We got him settled in and took him to the vet, who advised that he needed a procedure, not urgently, but it would need to be done before he was 5. At this point he was 2 years old. The procedure would mean no breeding, but would avoid some cancers.

Alfie settled in slowly - he for example was always wary of sudden movements, shouting (loud TV scenes), and his ears being rubbed, to name a few.

Alfie last April 2012
Over the next 6 months he settled in well, he ate and drank OK, never pinned for his previous owners and settled into life with us. We changed his name and he had no problem coping with it. He, now aged 5 has had his procedure over a year ago (we waited following the vets advise) and he is as loving and caring as ever. He eats, walks, sleeps and plays happily. He is partial to cuddles on the settee and snoozing on our bed.

I seriously do not believe he bit anyone, I simply think he was purchased to breed from and then became a problem for the family and the breeder. I was horrified at how Alf was treated at the breeder and certainly would not buy from them again.

For us, we gained a loving and happy dog and that is all that matters.


  1. Thanks Julie. I'm so pleased that you and Alfie are a happy family together.

    Some breeders are just awful, you were quite right to follow your instinct to re-home Alfie.

    I know that re-homing does work for many people, it just wasn't good for us x.

  2. He was fortunate that you came along and rescued him. I just hate how people breed dogs and don't care for them.

  3. what a lucky dog Alfie is...a loving and caring home instead of a barn. Poor wee man. We didn't get our current cat from rhe rescue (not sure how i'd cope with tose sad eyes en masse). Instead we got Springer from a pet shop- never again. I'm now convinced he came from a cat farm because he was so young yet so neurotic. I suspect this is why he's never been good with too many cuddles though he likes to be near us.

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    Such a heartwarming story Julie... my daughter's "bestie" is a volunteer in Dog Rescue and just before Christmas responded to an SOS taking a day off work and travelling 4 hours to pick up 3 dogs who were about to be "put down" then another 4 hours home. May you, Alfie and your hubbie spend many more happy years together. Cheerio...


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