Thursday, 3 January 2013

Filofax - Part Two

All fired up and inspired I toddled off to WHSmiths and purchased a Day to a Page 2013 diary at the end of August. When it came home the diary inserts remained in the bag on my desk in the study.

I reflected on the rest of the structure and overall I liked it. Being right handed I do find that when I write on the left hand side of the pages I knock into the rings, but I think I will do this with a larger size Filofax too, so buying a larger one will not make that any different.

I used the temporary Filofax up until the middle of December when I decided to clear out the odd post it notes that had started to congregate on the pages. I went to add the page a day diary into the binder and found that it did not completely fit. Something had to go, either I worked with less sections or added the diary in to the bind in monthly instalments.

That was not an option as I often have dates in the diary months ahead, and need to refer to them. So I then looked at the sections. There was going to be amendments and I have to say that having made the decision I am happy with it.

Here is what it looks like now

  • Notes
  • Expenses
  • Personal
    • Blogging
    • Genealogy
    • Books
  • Work
    • Research
    • Regular Income Source 
    • Regular Income Source (2)
I have removed these sections - 
  1. To Do  - which I have placed in notes as I tend to go through these daily and if I need to do something urgently I can use a coloured post it note to flag it. 
  2. Diary section - I opted to return the Filofax inserts and purchase a rather nice A5 day to a page diary 

This does mean that I have to carry two things with me on certain days, but not every day. This method fits with my lifestyle and the only thing I need to do now is to source some personal size dividers which I can write on.

Old Filofax paper has been separated into years and placed in envelopes and stored in my study along with the last 30 years of notebooks and diaries.


  1. Hhmm, sounds complicated and busy. I would be interested in part 3 once the new year is well under way :-)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It sounds busier than it is and I guess that some sections could merge further rather than sub divide. Part three will follow in due course, I might try one at the end of month.


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