Thursday, 17 January 2013

Buying Books & things

Recently I had the opportunity to browse for books in a nearby branch of WHSmiths. I have to say not my preferred venue for book shopping, but I had returned something to a local store before Christmas and asked the refund be placed on a gift card.

I entered the store and headed to the book area. I was disappointed. As I stood and looked at the shelves I became aware that this chain of UK newsagents and booksellers has lost its charm and I don't think it is going to come back.

The chain has long promoted the Richard and Judy Book Club and I noticed that there is now an iPhone application. When I got home I downloaded the application and had a look at the website.

I recalled the outlets the chain had at railway stations, usually on the platforms in old wooden and draughty huts, since replaced with the shiny new buildings in the station forecourts.

80 Olympic Sports Stamps
I also noticed that they still made the stamp packs I remember from my youth. Dare I say it, those were the days!

On that day, I returned home book less, which was a shame. There were books that caught my eye, but I was too concerned with the WHSmiths of my childhood.

I sat with a cup of tea and mulled over the memories and the wonderful moments I had exploring books and authors in my childhood that has, without a doubt shaped the prolific reader I became as an adult.


  1. Sounds like a sadly disappointing outing Julie. Time to find another store after you sort out that gift voucher (use it for a gift for someone else then buy what you want elsewhere?)

  2. What a charming memory!

    Hey...I've opened a PBC tab/page on my blog and would like everyone to link to that. It's a much clearer set of instructions, guidelines, link list, and schedule of books. If you could make sure your links go to it, I'd appreciate it.

    It looks like the other, but it has an extra "p/" in it.

    Thanks. Loved the post.


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