Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Photo Collage

My good genea blogging friend Pauline of Family History Across the Seas was my inspiration for this post and a thread of posts that will happen over the coming month. Pauline was originally inspired by Kristin of Finding Eliza.

I have quite an arsenal of family photographs. Some I have inherited, some given to me by others and others I was allowed to borrow and make copies. However they have been acquired I treasure them all. I spent a few hours recently, looking through these photographs and selecting 28 of them for this collage.

Starting on 1st February I shall take each photo in turn share the full version and talk about the photo, the people and the location. Each photo means something to me, they are all connected to my family.

If you want to play along visit the sign up page! Twitter  - #fpcf13 

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  1. Thanks for organising us all Julie! And also for the nod to Kristin and to me. I've got a few posts ready to go. It will be interesting to see how everyone approaches it.


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