Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - F is for .....Family & Friends

The highlight of my trip was seeing my family and catching up with old friends and meeting those who had been in touch with me online for a while, but whom I had never met.

Since my last visit, my family had experienced three bereavements, so it was important to me that one of the first tasks I did having arrived (after having some serious sleep and visiting the bank) was to head to the cemetery to pay my respect to those who I would not see again. For me that was so important and very emotional. You never think that when you board a plane to come home that the next time someone, or my case, three someones will be missing, even though we know there are two certainties in life - death & taxes! Grief is a very strange emotion and has a habit of creeping up on you just when you think all is okay!

As one would expect, the Aussie BBQ - September and October are Spring - therefore the start of the BBQ season. Brr, the evening of this BBQ was pretty chilly thankfully I had packed a rather favourite heavy duty jumper! In this next photograph is myself and my cousins.  We are looking at a group of photograph albums that their Mum had left to the oldest daughter. Many un named. I borrowed them and scanned the lot whilst in Australia and was able to name around 3/4 of the photographs.

Here are a random selection of people that made the trip as special as it was.

I also caught up with Judy who is the Team Captain for the Genealogists for Families Team, although sadly can not seem to locate the photograph that I know was taken in Sydney. You can join the  Genealogist for Families Team HERE.

Taking part in the A-Z April Challenge


  1. What a nice post! I do so agree with you about grief and its habit of creeping up on one. Sigh.
    Just stopping by from A to Z

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. This was my first international hop on the A to Z Challenge. Thanks for your post. Wonderful historical blog.

    1. Thanks Tracy for stopping by and the lovely comment. Will stop by from the A-Z soonish!

  4. For all that you had a great time there was obviously plenty of sadness as well. Distance does not make bereavement easier rather defers the impact I suspect.


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