Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - L is for .....Ludlow

Thinking back to my day at the Canberra War Memorial (see C).

This is a photograph of the wall of rememberance. The N.L. Ludlow is of interest. He is the brother to my Cousin's maternal Grandmother.

Whilst there is no family connection between me and Norman Lachlan Ludlow, but over the time I have spent in Australia I have got to know my Cousin's grandmother, known as Grandma, although I have always called her by her Christian name. As she is still living she I shall refer to her as F.

Image taken from Norman's Service
Record at The National Archives
of Australia
As luck would have it, Norman's service record is on line at the National Archives of Australia. Norman was 21years old when he enlisted in 1940 in New South Wales. Sadly, Norman did not make it home, he died, a Prisoner of War in Thailand of disease recorded as Dysentery or Malaria in July 1943.

This is somewhat interesting, given that I spent quite a while in the section of the Museum relating to the service personnel who were Prisoners of War of the Japanese during this period.

Even though many years have passed. His details were shared with his Great neice and his great great niece and his sister still has a photograph on display.

Taking part in the A-Z April Challenge


  1. A Prisoner of War in Thailand suffered so many diseases like Dysentery or Malaria. It must have been horrible. What a wicked waste of human life. Thanks for sharing your family's history.
    Francene, former Aussi.
    A - Z Challenge

  2. In some respects the dysentry might have been the lesser of the evils gven where he was, even though it killed him. A terrible waste of lfe indeed.

  3. I'm glad his family still has his photo up and are sharing information about him. And I'll have to third what a terrible waste of life war is.


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