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Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - R is for .....Research

Last year during the A-Z Challenge I had a similar Australia theme. I focused a great deal more on my Australian ancestry and you can read those posts HERE. This year I have focused on my last trip to Australia which occurred after the last A-Z.

Australia in an amazing Continent, and despite living there for a time I am still in awe of the distances and the Aussie concept of travel. I recall asking my Cousin how far Sydney was from his home town of Wagga was. I expected an answer in miles or kilometers instead the answer was, "a good 5 hours".

One of the amazing things I learnt last year was that prior to my known family of John Ellis and his wife Sarah nee Turprin migrating from Surrey to Geelong in 1854, that Sarah's brother Robert had been transported there in 1833. I pondered this.
  1. Had Robert and Sarah been aware of each other in Australia? 
  2. Did they even realise they were on the same Continent?
So, where did my ancestors live -
  • Ellis & Turpin Families - migrated to Geelong in Victoria 1854-1855
  • Robert Turpin - Transported to New South Wales in 1833
  • John Hunt Butcher - migrated to Richmond in Tasmania in 1821 with later branches of the family to Carnamah district Western Australia
  • Henry Goucher - Transported to New South Wales in 1812 spending time in Newcastle & Derwent Tasmania
  • Noack's, Hartwig's and Hohnberg's migrated to South Australia and then spread into Victoria and New South Wales from Prussia.
  • George Bridges Bellasis & his wife Esther nee King  - George was transported with his wife from India to Botany Bay in 1801. He received a pardon and returned to England and then India. They both though, left their respective marks on early Australian history.
In addition to my family connections I am always looking for references to the surnames of Orlando and Worship for my one name studies, both surnames do have occurrences in Australia.

Taking part in the A-Z April Challenge


  1. One of Queensland State Archives' indexes to nominated immigrants and their nominators 1908-1922 shows that Lucarda ORLANDO (in Queensland) nominated Carmelo and Georgina BONETT who arrived on the ship 'Orvieto' in 1920. The original records usually give the nominator's address, and the nominee's relationship, overseas address, occupation, and sometimes other details. The source location at Qld State Archives is 'IMM/320, drawer 211, card for BONETT'.

  2. That is the way I give distances here too. Detroit was 4 hours from where we live in Michigan. Indianapolis was 6 hours. We are now 12 hours from Detroit.


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