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Christmas at the Homeplace by William Leverne Smith

Earlier this year I was asked by Dr Bill, a fellow contributor to the In-Depth Genealogist magazine if I would review a book in the Homeplace Series. I was delighted to, and you can read that review HERE.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be asked if I would review the latest in the series, a festive tale. What follows is some details about the book, the author and a trailer video before my review.

About the Book
Vision to Action Publishing announces the release of "Christmas at the Homeplace," by William Leverne Smith, aka, Dr. Bill, a resident of Hollister, MO, on October 25, 2013, at with the print edition, Kindle edition to following shortly.

Hollister, MO, October 25, 2013 -- "Christmas at the Homeplace is the fourth book in "The Homplace Saga" series of historical fiction family saga stores set in a rural river valley in the southern Missouri Ozarks near a fictional western branch of the Current River (NW corner of Shannon County). Set in 1996, the story has a "homecoming for Christmas" theme affecting members of the extended families of the central characters. "The Homeplace Saga" series

Will they all be home for Christmas? For the first time since their father died, Karen (Bevins) Winslow is expecting all her children in Oak Springs for Christmas 1996. This Christmas of homecomings offers some surprises as "The Homeplace Saga" continues. Will Staff Sergeant Travis Inman arrive home from Bosnia in time to see his baby daughter for the first time at Christmas? Will a life-long friend of the Winslow family move to Oak Springs permanently? Does Peter have a son? The boy's mother insists he does. How would this change the inter-generational dynamics in the family businesses in the Oak Creek valley of the southern Missouri Ozarks? Learn more by reading this latest addition to this continuing family saga.

Also, follow local veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Bevins and her young lawyer friend, Brian Kirk, as they temporarily lay aside their personal family history and genealogy research to work with City Librarian Judy Watson and others to form and create an Oak Springs Historical and Genealogical Society. Their hope is that by reaching out to the community they can locate additional local historical records on their families back to the first settlements in 1833 when Jennifer's McDonald ancestors were among those first arrivals in the valley. Learn what else occurs, before Christmas, as Jennifer and Brian devote their full attention to this new set of activities.

Book Trailer

About the Author
billwhitehat300.jpgWilliam Leverne Smith was born and raised on a Midwestern farm. A passion for family history and genealogy studies provides background for his writing.
He and his wife live in a cabin in the Missouri Ozarks.

When blogging and writing non-fiction projects, he goes by Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith, on such blogs as Dr Bill Tells Ancestor Stories, Dr Bills Book Bazaar, and others.

The Review

Whilst I have read an earlier published book in this series, it is quite possible to read and get into the series from this book.

The characters are easy to get to know and I found that I was looking forward to catching up with the characters.  This is a story, not just of family at Christmas, the interactions with kin, but also the responsibilities of running a family trust and the formation of local historical society.

I found that I need to start reading again from the beginning of the series, so that I can get a sense of timeline. That is not the fault of the book and author, but simply how I typically  read and process books that are part of a series; I love to read them in order!

I enjoy this series and this book was a welcomed addition. There are relatively few genealogical type mysteries, so when one comes along it is always nice to read. What is really nice is when the book is part of a well created series, such as this one.

Book Details
Publisher: Vision to Action Publishing and CreateSpace
Format: Trade Paperback - 6x9 - 154 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1493510405
ISBN-10: 1493510401
Available from &

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