Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Evernote and Saving Emails

A few weeks ago I shared that I am a One-Note girl - you can read that post HERE. In that post, I mentioned that until I had upgraded my laptop I had used a mixture of OneNote and Evernote.

Now, having upgraded my laptop and migrated to Office 365 I went full time to OneNote...bliss!, I transferred the notes from Evernote and then created a folder in Evernote called Archive and slid those notes into that folder. I did that because I often recall things via event.

I then had pretty much a free Evernote account vacant for use. The one thing that I do like about Evernote is that I can forward emails to my account.

I should mention that I have been using a Yahoo facility. About 10 years ago I created a private Yahoo group that allowed access only to me. It was a hidden group and should anyone on the off chance stumble across it they had to be approved by the moderator for entry, which of course was not going to happen!

That has, up until now worked well, but I have become increasingly concerned as to the security of such a site. I therefore made the decision that I would transfer all those archived emails across to my Evernote account. Thus giving me a bit more control.

How to find your email address for your Evernote account
  • Open Evernote
  • Select Tools
  • Select Account Information
    • Here you will see your email address - this is based on your username with random details +Evernote 
Sending emails to Evernote
  • Firstly I created a folder called Emails
  • I then made this folder my default folder 
    • I did that because I only use Evernote for emails, but if you were going to a mass session of forwarding emails you could make your folder default before you start forwarding and then switch it back again afterwards.
  • Select the email that you want to forward - it works fine with Gmail. 
    • In the to line add your Evernote email address
    • In the Subject line add @ notebook and the name you have called your email folder, so mine is @notebook emails
    • If you are going to use tags then add the appropriate tag - mine is #email
  • Then click send.
  • The email should arrive in the folder you selected with the tagline you selected.
At the end of the year I will rename my folder called Emails to Emails 2013 and then the current year, which will be 2014 will have emails into the emails folder. I will do something similar for the previous years. I do not see a reason to break the years down into months because the search function works fine.

I have one of the free accounts. I do not believe that I will use more than my allowance of 60MB in a calendar month, and whilst I am archiving material from the Yahoo site, I will work in blocks to ensure I do not use over the allowance, if I think I might I could pay to upgrade, as the cost is not prohibitive.

Now I am sure someone is thinking, why not simply archive emails in Gmail? Well, I don't because in the past I have been to enthusiastic at deleting emails and thus deleted many that I thought were safe!

I guess I am a belt and braces kind of girl!

Screenshot of how my Evernote is laid out
There are some great Evernote resources out there

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