Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Remembrance Day Photo Collage - Day Nine

This is a photograph of my late father in law. We can not be absolutely sure when he joined the British Navy, but he did, and served until at least 1949. 

We recently have been given his medals and that does reveal his service number, which means we can now call for his Royal Navy service record. 

Over the next few days I shall share a little bit more about him. We do have some other photographs which indicate the names of the vessels he served on with dates, so at least I can build a timeline while I wait for his service record to arrive.

My father in law was the son of a navy man. I did really want to include a picture of Ernest Goucher, but I can not lay my hands to one. 

My husband's Grandfather join the Royal Navy during the course of the First World War. He survived and in 1929, when my father in law was only 3 years old the family sailed to Canada. Ernest was involved in training some sea cadets in Petawawa, Ontario. The trunk that they took on their journey is in fact in my loft!

I can not be to sure when Ernest and his family; wife and child returned to England but Ernest certainly took part in the early days of the Second World War, which means his service records are at the moment unavailable until we complete the process of requesting for my father in laws. Over the coming week I shall share some details about the process of requesting military service records post First World War.

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  1. Your father is so young and handsome and look forward to reading more about him.


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