Wednesday 20 November 2013

Tuesday's Tip Update - More on Evernote

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Yesterday I shared a post about using Evernote for email storage. Today I am going to share something that I learnt over the weekend, and I was simply delighted!

I typically use Evernote for the purposes I described yesterday from my laptop. You can read that post HERE.

Over the weekend I opened the Evernote application on my iPhone and which immediately alerted me that as an O2 (UK mobile phoned company) customer I could upgrade my Evernote account to Premium for a year, completely free of charge.

I did ponder if it was a hoax, but I was logged in to Evernote and my phoned must somehow of spotted that the carrier was 02, although I was connected via WiFi. I can not explain how my phone and Evernote knew, but they did!

I hit the upgrade button and within a few moments received a verification text message and I was indeed upgraded to a premium account with the expiry of 14 Nov 2014. I was so delighted that I tweeted o2 & Evernote because I think we live in a culture where we declare bad service and rarely comment on the good and genuine.

A quick look at the O2 website has this banner - if you click the link (above) you can read all about the offer. There is details about Evernote and this is a genuine and useful offer from a UK mobile provider. It does not say on the page how long this offer is available for.(Edited 21st Nov - according to the O2 Priority Moments application the Evernote offer has 3 months left)

As I said yesterday, I was more than happy with the free account and now with this free upgrade I can explore the extra opportunities of Premium Evernote. The cost of Premium is not prohibitive to me, £35 a year (or £4 a month which can be used for a few months if you are working on a specific project that might involve you over running the free data limits).

If you are an O2 customer and you have been undecided on the benefits of the Evernote premium account for the cost of zero you can upgrade. Absolutely free of charge. There is no additional lock in to O2 beyond any original contracts - I think this even is available for O2 pay as you go customers. It is so rare for any business to provide not just a valuable and useful offer, but one that lasts a full year.

I have not been compensated for this post by either O2 or Evernote. I am simply a happy and delighted customer.

There are some great Evernote resources out there....

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  1. I signed up for this as well - it's definitely a good offer. I've yet to explore the extras that it offers though!

    1. It is a good and useful offer +Caroline Cox. I am not a absolute convert. I love OneNote, and see nothing in wrong with using Evernote for other projects. Enjoy your Evernote exploration!


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