Sunday, 2 June 2013

Armchair BEA - Wrap Up Post

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Well today is the Armchair BEA wrap up, hasn't that week gone quick?

This is according to my diary and blog the third year I have taken part, all virtual attendance though. It is the first year I have participated every day and I have enjoyed the prompt discussions, the sharing of book titles and meeting other book bloggers.

In fact I shall be sorry the Armchair BEA has finished! I am still reading comments left for me and responding to them and visiting other participants. You can see who else took part in Armchair BEA HERE.

You can recap on my posts below
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  7. 1st June - Children's Literature
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  11. 2nd June - Wrap Up 
I really can not express how much I have enjoyed the prompts, sharing my thoughts and recommendations, reading other blogs and meeting other bloggers and adding to my reading wish list. It has been great and I shall bookmark for another year.

Well done to the Armchair BEA team for a great event. Perhaps one year I will cross the pond and attend in reality!

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