Wednesday 12 June 2013

Sir John Bowring at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter

As I said yesterday, in my post about the Royal Albert Memorial Museum at Exeter, that I would share my memorial item from the Museum.

One of my ancestors, was well known and lived in various places round the globe, but was born and died in Devon and in particular Exeter. I gave a fleeting thought on whether there would be anything at the museum about Sir John Bowring (1792 - 1872).

Well, as luck would have it there was a small mention of Sir John and in particular the fact that he left his collection to the Museum.

Here is what was on display -

Having looked at the small collection on display I asked a staff member if they held anything more. They do and it is held in the bowels of the museum and not likely to be added to the item displayed any time soon.

The Museum website revealed this about John Bowring, so no details that I didn't already know, but what a shame that there was not more on display.

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