Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Genealogical Hangover!

I have a genealogical headache hangover.

Earlier this week I was writing a post, which will appear next week about a mystery I have. In order to complete the post I zipped off an email to the host of the One Place Study for Headley Hampshire with a question or two.

He very kindly directed me to a post within the archives and commented that the manuscripts that had been kept by the vicar of the parish had been completely transcribed and were online. This was great news. I had been aware of the transcription project, but had not been aware of it being completed.

So I nipped over to the site and started reading.

Taking a step back or two. I had been aware of a connection of my Grandfather's family - BUDD & BRIDGER  from Puttenham marrying into my Grandmother's BRIDGER family of Bramshott and Headley. This union in fact made my Grandparents Cousins, not that they had been aware of the fact.

My Grandfather's Grandfather, Henry HARRIS was born in 1843 in Headley Hampshire. There the Harris family happily intermarry with other Harris', Holts and Earl (e) families.

So, having been informed that the transcriptions were completed and the Surrey records online at Ancestry which does include Headley Hampshire because it is just over the border I sat down this morning to have a look into the mystery and which you can read about next week.

Image courtesy of Google Images
Oh my, my heart did a little somersault as I tried to untangle the various Harris families that link between my Grandparents individual lines, which makes my genealogical quest more complex than ever.

After 3 hours I gave up. I took my mug, which bears the message "I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter" and almost empty save a small drop of cold tea, downstairs. Got alfie nice and ready and went off for a walk. It's warm here today 23C, all the time thinking how on earth am I going to unravel those Harris lines.

I think that somewhere, high above the clouds are my ancestors having a lovely chuckle at my joy and frustration as I untangle their lives and try and make sense of it all.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Thankyou Julie... what a delightful post.


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