Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cathedral Grounds, Exeter

Having wandered around the museum and had a sit down with some lunch we ventured to look round the Cathedral Grounds at Exeter. Despite the forecast, the rain held off in Exeter although the sun did not venture out much it did warm up.

The Cathedral green is always a focal point that seems to "force" people to sit and enjoy the magnificence of the building. We didn't go in and will save that for another day, although I have visited the Cathedral many times.

The Cathedral seems to be in a permanent state of being cleaned, absolutely necessary, but the scaffolding does spoil a nice photo!

The last photograph here is Mols Coffee Shop which dates from 1596 and despite being a lovely building with lots of Exeter history, it is not the the oldest building in the City. Currently the shop is not a coffee shop, but instead sells rather expensive leather handbags and shoes. Whilst I am rather partial to shoes, somehow I would have been happier if it was a coffee shop selling the wonderful aroma of coffee beans and delightful chocolate and other cakes.

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