Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ramblings from my Desk.....(13)

Regular readers will have no doubt noticed that this week has been fairly bookish. I have had a pile of review posts and notes loitering on my desk and the time came to do something with them!

It has been a fairly busy few weeks, I have been involved with a project that has been formalised and an announcement will appear here over the next month or so. It is all very exciting and possible because of technology and the wonders of it.

I have also just completed the first batch of workshops called The Book of Me, Written by You. Which has been exhausting, wonderful and thoughtful all at the same time. I am ready for the next set of workshops to begin in the coming weeks.

Those in the Geneablogging world need not be disappointed. It is going to be run in association with Thomas at GeneaBloggers, so please keep reading; the launch is likely to be at the end of the Summer

Meanwhile, we have had some sun in the south west of England. Hurrah! and not before time I might add. So we have taken advantage of the good and dry weather and given Alfie a few extra walks, to destinations that are new to him (and us) and not too far from home. It is amazing what is on your doorstep when you open your eyes and look around you.

Anyway, I mention that simply so that I can show a lovely picture of Alfie, taken over last weekend. Doesn't he look cute, such a gorgeous little face!

Don't let that little face con you into thinking he had walked miles and needed a drink. At this point we had barely left the car and he was waiting patiently for his master to take a picture and I managed to take this picture.

He had a lovely time, and we enjoyed the walk. Sadly the venue was rather hilly and really upset my back, but it was great to get some fresh air and look at the view.

Meanwhile, the study clear up and out goes on. I had a boss in a former professional life who said there were "filers and pilers". To be honest he was more messy than me and had a knack from expecting me to second guess him all the time. When he moved on I gave a (huge) sigh of relief, but always remember his little phrase.

As I look around the study I have sadly migrated from filer to piler and I need change my ways! The problem is my brain is simply without an off switch, and I find that I am easily in a genealogical sense distracted, so I extract files and don't put them back, then I can't find them. I know, very naughty and I must do better!

Thank you to the new followers who have joined me this week. It is much appreciated. There is only a few days left of life with Google Reader. I have migrated my feed to Feedly so I can carry on reading other blogs, but to be honest I have removed the RSS option from the Anglers Rest blog. Instead I offer a Facebook page the link is on the side bar, in addition to the options of posts by email and twitter feeds. If anyone does have any thoughts please leave a comment.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the new project. Anything that mentione the word Book has me hooked.


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