Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sepia Saturday 183

Just a quick entry this week.

Not too far from us is the tourist site of Kents Cavern. According to their website, the caves have been tempting explorers since 1571. Despite being a mere 7 miles from us I have never been and it is not on my tourist bucket list either.

Here is a postcard that I spotted recently, that dates from circa 1960

Despite the fact that I am not over keen with going underground, the caves that feature in this week's prompt from New South Wales I have been to. Sadly I could not easily get to the photographs that we took in January 1997, the days before digital!

Taking part in Sepia Saturday


  1. 1571! Wow. Can you imagine being the person who discovered caves like this? They would likely have had a naked flame, which could go out easily. Now that would have been scary!

  2. Good gracious, I have been there. It was years ago. Indeed I had to look at the photo carefully to make sure I wasn't on it!

  3. Caverns are a very popular tourist attraction in Virginia. A nice cool place to visit in the heat of summer.

  4. Going to caves is not on my bucket list either, although if I came across one and could stay toward the door, I might be tempted after this weeks offerings.

    1. I hadn't thought about animals being in caves too - silly me - and then I read even Mammoths lived in caves. Mammoths, lions, bears, cats, hyenas....yikes!!!

  5. Once you've been to a couple of limestone caves, I think they start to look very similar.

  6. I'm learning that there are caves just about anywhere in the world; and to have both you and Alan visit the scene of the prompt image has to be more than co-incidence.

  7. I wonder who visited in 1571 -- pirates, smugglers, ghosts and ghouls?? or just 1571 tourist types. Interesting to ponder.

  8. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful cave, unbeknownst to me!


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