Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Dorothy Butcher & Richard May

Further inspired by the good new of Surrey records being placed on line at Ancestry - you can read that post HERE

The following wedding is of my Grandfather's sister; my Great Aunt and Godmother Dorothy Lilian Butcher to Richard May. The wedding was on 12th September 1936 and took place at St Nicholas Church in Guildford. I knew the location of their marriage, but didn't know the date. My Aunt was widowed for a very long time, over 50 years and I know she missed my Uncle every day.

The surprise was the address she was living at, at the time of her marriage - Walnut Tree Close. Now my family had already had connections with that particular road, my Grandmother who went onto marry Dorothy's brother George was born at 114 and once married my Grandparents lived at 17.

Marriage of Dorothy Butcher & Richard May
Courtesy of Ancestry
Here is a photograph of my Aunt on the day of her wedding.


  1. I love this photo! So colorful and cheery. The face on the middle child is classic!

    1. It is a great expression isn't it. I can identify several of the others present. The lady to the right of my Aunt (the bride) is her sister Margery. The lady to the left of the groom was my Uncles sister (Peggy I think) and the young bridesmaid nearest the happy couple is my Mum's Cousin E who is still alive.


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