Friday, 28 June 2013

Genealogy Under Threat?

Earlier in the week a fellow genealogist commented via Twitter about an article in The Irish Times. That article flagged up some interesting points including the potential issue that EU regulations could pose limitations on genealogical research and any subsequent publication of that research.

You can read the full article HERE (

This morning Chris Paton has given credit to Sheena Tait who has provided the link to the actual proposals and the subsequent comments from the Information Commissioners Office.

You can read the full document at (

The relevant clause for genealogists appears to be number 83, entitled "Processing for historical, statistical and scientific research purposes".

My personal view is this. Have we not gone too far in terms of the EU? We have lost our identity and that can not be a good thing. We should absolutely preserve privacy, but there has to be a degree of common sense surely.

It would seem that this will be decided in Brussels and those who have an opinion should write to their Member of European Parliament (MEP) as soon as possible. You can find out who your MEP is at the European Parliament website.

If you are outside of the European Union then I suggest writing to the MEP relevant to your heritage area.

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  1. I wonder why regulations always have to go overboard in the records department?


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