Wednesday, 2 March 2011

9th Judgement by James Patterson

The latest instalment of the Lindsay Boxer series. As with all of the books in the series, there is always two or three events carrying on simultaneously, and through the craft writing of these storylines, the conclusion always arrives at a nice neat package which ties the events all together.

Hello Kitty is a burglar who breaks in and steals the jewellery of well to do members of society whilst the owner is entertaining. Then there is a school teacher who has a close relationship with a fellow teacher, both are married to brutes! and finally there is a murderer who slaughters women and their children in public places. The strands of these three sets of people merges in a rather complex way. Coupled with the relationships with other members of the Women's Murder Club - a lawyer, a reporter and a pathologist Lindsay keeps it all together and brings the storyline to a conclusion. To find out who committed what crime, you'll have to read the book!


  1. I've been discouraged in the past when the author's name is followed by "with". It usually means that another person has written the book and the "author" has just taken a cursory glance at it. Did you think this was the same standard as a James Patterson book?

  2. There have been a few of this series where has has been a "with". In the earlier ones they were with a different person, yet the standard has remained consistent.


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