Saturday, 12 March 2011

NaBloPoMo - Day 10 - Photographs

The concept of photography is quite simply amazing. We can with the click of a button these days take a photograph and record and event in history. Is that what the developers originally thought of?

The most important camera most of us have is our eyes. Think how many snapshot images they capture over a lifetime, the data committed to memory, which in turn sparks a moment of clarity and recognition as our brain computes the data the eyes have seen previously. Fascinating!

The camera and the ability to record events is wonderful. We can record events, people and objects. Like many of us I have a collection of photographs in the study. They span back for years and each have an importance, otherwise they would not have been taken in the first place!
The snapshot of our holidays, young family members, pets to name a few, and are the historical facts of the future in much the same way of the older photos we probably all have inherited, were at one time.

The here and now will become the history of the future.

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