Saturday, 5 March 2011

Weekend Cooking - Memories of a snake!....

Recently, over on Dizzy C Book Blog the question was posed, of what was the strangest thing we had eaten. My comment post was snake and I promised a post about it.

On the way back from Australia I stopped off in Singapore and met up with a friend. We ate in a variety of places and one night decided to eat in a rather packed restaurant, coming to the conclusion that it was popular with the locals.

We were directed to a table, and sharing with a group of Australian and New Zealanders. After the introductions, we ordered drinks and pondered where the menu was. After a short while the drinks arrived and then a waiter clutching a wicker basket. Initially we assumed it contained bread and I remember think that I was getting hungry!

We were directed to chose from the wicker basket, the basket came nearer and then I could see the basket did not contain bread rolls, but live snakes. Oh -my -word! The men of the table selected their chosen snake and a rather pale Australian women and myself said nothing and shook our heads. I asked my companion if we should leave, but he seemed keen to complete the experience. After a short while the wicker basket came back and so did the chef, clutching a rather sharp knife.

With a very swift movement the head was off the snake as was the skin. The skin slithered across the floor and the remains of the snake was taken to the kitchen area to be cooked and prepared. The locals clapped, as did some of the tourists. I sat in complete horror. Simply willing the rest of the evening away.

After a time the floor was cleared ready for the next load of snakes presumably and dinner was served. Mine was presented to me on a bed of rice. I managed a small mouthful of the rice and snake and will say never, never again. It, was like the whole year I was away an experience. One that I will never forget and will treasure forever, although clearly there are some things that I would never repeat.

The next day we headed across to Tiomen, which is a beautiful Malaysian Island and was the feature of my Silent Sunday post last week. The island was truly magical and I have always wanted to return, but fear that if I do the magical feel of it will have left through the test of time.


  1. I think I'd have fainted, I could definitely be squeamish about eating a snake! But good for you for trying, that's a great story!

  2. You are a braver woman than me. I probably would have been sick and I know it's more mental than anything else.

  3. I would have managed a single tiny bite but I'm pretty sure it would have been difficult. Oh my the thought of picking your snake. [shudder]

  4. I guess I would have had to try it...but could I..

  5. What a great story! Thanks for sharing your travel adventure.

  6. I dont like the fact of picking the snake but I dont like the whole "picking your lobster" either... however - cooked and presented in front of me I probably would have tried it just to say I did. :)

  7. I was reading this, but wanted to stop.
    I would have been out the door as soon as I saw the 'bread'.

    You brave woman.



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