Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Carnival Of Genealogy 104: When is a car not a car!

The following post is not about a car, but it is a mode of transport and one that has a link to my husband's ancestry.

The photograph shows my late father in law, Derek Goucher 1926 - 2010, on his BSA motorcycle, when he was stationed at Blandford Camp in Dorset in June 1958. He bought the motorcycle for £250.00.

Derek Goucher June 1958
We know nothing about the motorcycle other than what has been mentioned here. Stuart wanted to try and either locate the bike or at least find out a bit about it and perhaps purchase a similiar model.

I posted the photograph to our site on Flickr and also to the BSA photo group and after a period of four years, someone posted that the model was a BSA C12G.


  1. Very cool bike! I love the picture too. Your FIL looks very handsome happy.

    Thanks for sharing and participating in the COG!

  2. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Great picture!

  3. Motorcycle works! He looks quite jaunty in what I assume is a military cap. Handsome guy with a great smile! I'll bet you all miss him.

  4. Linda, Yes a military cap - My father in law was in the Navy. After he was demobbed he joined back up, but joined the Army and was in the REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers).


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