Sunday, 6 March 2011

Treasure of the Month - February 2011

My treasure for February has to be my Grandfather's medals. When I inherited them they were still individually wrapped in the greaseproof paper envelopes they had been dispatched from the War Office in and in the original box.

They remained like that from the moment my Grandfather received them until I inherited them about 14 years ago.

We were in a shop in Rugby Warwickshire and in the window was an example of various types of framing available, including a set of medals. I went in and selected the backing, the frame and the metal plaque which has my Grandfather's name, his Army number and the years of service, which were the duration of the Second World War.

The medals now hang where I can see and treasure them every day. My Grandfather also features as one of my Ancestor of the Week posts.

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