Friday, 11 March 2011

Fearless Females - Day 11

March 11 — Did you have any female ancestors who died young or from tragic or unexpected circumstances? Describe and how did this affect the family?

In the main, longevity plays quite a part in the family history of my family. The last remaining link with my Grandfather's family; his second youngest sister died just after Christmas last year. She was 95. Three of her five sisters each died into their 90s and sister number four died in her mid 80s. The youngest sister died just aged 35 years in 1952.

My understanding was that she had been ill for a while, but died living a daughter aged 10 and a husband, who was a typical man of his generation and had no idea of how to relate to a young child. The child grew up with the love and support of her father and her extended family of Aunts and Grandmother and went on herself to marry and raise a family of four children.

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