Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sorting Saturday - Twitter - March 2011

The favourites list at Twitter for March has got worse at 95 favourites. That said, March has been a busy month both on and off line and as such I have not spent much time reading those sites marked as favourites as I would have liked. Also I have been poorly, with exhaustion that I blamed on a dodgy Thyroid to find that it was not in fact the cause at all. I am now feeling better and about to plough the saved Tweets, don't you love that word!
  1. Stories of migration to Wagga Wagga NSW Australia - information from migrants and to submit details click here
  2. I stumbled across a post at the tail end of February. The story of a house which faces demolition in New England. A month later I revisited the blog to see if there was an update. There wasn't but I had a more in depth look at the blog - A New England House Historian - a really interesting site.
  3. To celebrate Women's History Month - Fearless Females - I am a little behind on some posts, but will complete the task. It has been very thought provoking and contains a useful set of blog prompts.
  4. Back in February Walking with Ancestors wrote of an interest in researching cousin marriages. I said that I had a few in my ancestry. Here is part one of the article
  5. Geneabloggers mentioned the site Zoom Village - needs further exploring.
  6. Maisie Dobbs by Jaqueline Winspear Readalong
  7. Old Time Quilts
  8. Interesting article - Has your blog met your expectations?
  9. Autoimmune Hypothyroidism - a new post at DearThyroid
  10. Launching the Open Genealogy Alliance - more reading required!
  11. Do you have a blogging Will? - An interesting post and much food for thought. What would happen to your blog and on line presence?
  12. In this post - To Research or not to Research gives rise to a question that many of us to answer. I know there have been moments of my research when I have thought should I?
  13. One Place Studies article on Copyright mentioned in February is HERE
  14. Thought provoking article - Being British - journal prompt
  15. I have been debating for several months whether or not to buy an iPad. Here is an interesting post and comparisons with other designs by alternative manufacturers.
  16. Online file storage - Uploadingit.Com
  17. File Profiling Tool available from The National Archives - further reading required!
  18. A moment of pure sillyness - a library theme book tiles
  19. History & Genealogy Handbook 2011 (Australia & New Zealand)
  20. Voices of the Past - Heritage Blogger
  21. Sites to explore - blogging tools - Zemanta
  22. Social Networking site for foodies! - Hot Potato
  23. Have you added your blog? - Family History Directory
  24. New Genealogical Search engine - Mocavo
  25. Is this mole likely to be cancerous? - day job - CPD opportunity!
  26. Another day job link - cardiovascular checker - more CPD!
  27. Read-a-thon - 9th April 2011
  28. Thoughts in Progress Blog - more reading
  29. Google search and web history - an interesting post by Geniaus
  30. Link between Gilberts Syndrome & Hypothyroidism & Hypothyroidism
  31. Norfolk Tours Blog
  32. Contribute your ancestral obituaries, or just ones from the newspaper!
  33. Top Prescriptions dispensed - Article from The Guardian 15th March 2011 - nothing like a dispensary I have worked it; far too tidy!
  34. National Day of Remembrance - 25th April for those of Australia & New Zealand who perished in the Great War. - Trans-Tasman ANZAC Day Blog Challenge
  35. Census 2011 website & How the Census has changed - Census 1951
  36. Great post about Evernote organise research & bookmarks
  37. Writing a book review
  38. Starting 28th March 2011 BBC1 9.15am - A Hundred Years of Us series of 5 programmes.
  39. Back in January I wrote a blog post for One Month before Heartbreak. My post is HERE. This was essentially a campaign to try and protect the benefits of those who genuinely need it in the midst of the coalition clamping down on benefit abuse. Somewhere during the last month or so I missed a note about the 75th Disability Blog Carnival and whilst I am not personally affected, I do think that it a campaign and carnival worth contributing to. After all, not all disabilities are viewable.
  40. Tea Appreciation Society - I have a couple of tea related books on my to be read mountain!

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