Sunday, 6 March 2011

NaBloPoMo - Day 6 - Books

I love books, always have done. I especially like old books and the musty smell they share. I don't know if I had a fabric book, you know the sort that babies have that can be chewed, sucked and washed! I do still have my very first set of books which were Noddy books by Enid Blyton.

I remember being allowed each week to choose a book. Mum tells me that even then, I was somewhat obsessive about having a set, and purchasing and reading in order. That is something I still do today and even now I won't start reading the beginning of a series unless I have the next one ready in the wings. Obsessive I know, but it is part of me and I guess that is all there is to it.

I like buying books on line then having them delivered, it saves carrying them from town and they are often cheaper, but you can not beat wandering around a bookshop, reading the titles, perhaps selecting a title, enticed by the cover, reading the rear cover and perhaps a page, or two from the inside.

There are often books which just have that pick me up and touch me cover. Do you know what I mean? The Elm Creek novels by Jennifer Chiaverini books have just that sense about them. I think it is down to the covers, which in the case of this series is about a fictional quilting school, and not too surprisingly the covers are pictures of quilts. - In essence they are feel good books!

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