Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fearless Females - Day 12

March 12 — Working girl: Did your mother or grandmother work outside the home? What did she do? Describe her occupation.

The first job I can remember Mum having was a cleaning job, in the evenings at one of the building societies in Guildford. Mostly I was left at home, but occasionally I was allowed to go with her and help collect bits and pieces. I guess I was around 7 or 8 years old. Mum I think did this for a few years and then left to work at a factory that made clothes and she was in the packing department. The owner was a spineless, rude man and eventually his business closed, but this was after Mum left. Mum liked the work, it was with fabrics and she loves sewing and was able to purchase the offcuts of material for her patchwork. It was close to home and during the school holidays I was allowed, every now and again to go with her and gather the off cuts and do other quick, easy and safe jobs.

After there Mum worked in retail, which is where she started working when she initially left school. Here final job before she was made redundant and then took retirement was with Lonhro Textiles and Mum was a manager within one of the stores.

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