Friday, 4 March 2011

NaBloPoMo - Day 4 - Weekend

I like the weekend, and especially the last few. That is because I have not had to work! In my last job I found that working an extra 4 hours on a Saturday a pain when I had already worked 40+ hours during the week. By the time I got home and unwound it was Saturday night, then I had Sunday at home or doing whatever needed doing then it was back to work. In an environment that I found stressful.

Since, starting my new job I appear to have blogged more, read more and slept more. All three things I had lacked in the past two years.

So, I am working today, then having lunch with a friend and former colleague, with plans for getting some project work that I have done over the last month proof read and posted to blog. I also have a piece of written work that I need to print, and get ready in its folder for the day job which will take about 40 minutes and I have a rather large pile of papers in the study which needs a serious overhaul and an appointment with the hairdressers!

That might not sound particularly inspiring, but believe me, I am more rested now than I have been in the previous two years!

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