Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day Seven - Jersey - 18th July 2011 - Jersey Pearl

Jersey Pearl lies on the outskirts of St. Ouen's Bay, west of St. Helier. It was another blustery day and we decided that we would visit. We had a look at the small exhibition detailing how Pearls are made and where in the world they are found, then looked at the items made on the island. Whilst it was lovely jewellery, it would be completely wasted on me, but it was a joy to see.

We then spotted something, different. A tank which housed some of the shells.

The option was to select a shell for a fee, then the pearl inside is graded and certified and can be made into anything that you wish.  What a fabulous idea, I was quite taken with this and so we selected two shells.

Each of the shells yielded a pearl. It is firstly dabbed in the pot of salt then given a light wash in water. Then dried and graded by size and colour. We elected to keep the shells also. The shells are boiled for a few minutes in hot water then can be varnished with clear nail polish. We bought these for our Mum's. My Mum has hers and she hasn't decided if she would like it mounted into a ring or neckless. Stuart's Mum does not have hers yet, as we will take it on our next visit to Scotland. We could have had the pearls mounted at the time, or can taken them back later to be mounted.

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