Saturday, 27 August 2011

Weekend Cooking - An Old Cookbook with a Difference

I often spend an hour or two reading the newspapers over the weekend. Sometimes, I strike it lucky with some amusing or interesting article that catches my eye. Here is a recent find

Published 13 August 2011 in Western Morning News

Hopefully, the story can be read from here, but the brief synopsis is that the lady pictured discovered the old book, published 260 years ago, in 1747, whilst clearing her late mother's home. The book is titled "The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy" by Hannah Glasse. From reading a description of one of the recipes, they are anything but plain and easy. There is even medicinal recipes included.

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  1. Absolutely fascinating. I clicked on the picture and could read most of it. What a lucky woman! Did the article say what her plans were for the book?

  2. I love photos that you can double click on for this reason! It makes reading and seeing it so much easier!

    Great post!
    Here's My Recipe

  3. Anonymous4:57 am

    I have an old farm cookbook from the 1920's that I find somewhat difficult, but imagine finding one that from 260 years ago! What an awesome find!

  4. I was very envious of this find. The bottom of the article does say she plans to keep it and pass it on to grandchildren, which is wonderful!

  5. Wow! What fun. I found an 1850 cookbook at an antiques store in Guernsey in the 1980s -- I think that's the oldest cookbook I own.

  6. Thanks for posting this including the photo. I could read the whole article. Can you imagine stuffing a calf's head? My grandchildren would definitely be surprised :) Whenever I read stories about women, I think of how difficult life must have been for them - even the basics like cooking were so labour intensive. And we complain about grocery shopping!

  7. Thanks for sharing the article so we could read it. That was interesting. I wonder what she will do with the book. It must be very valuable.


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