Wednesday 10 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday & Silent Sunday

A resident of Samares Manor  13th July 2011


  1. we holidayed in Jersey soem years back and really enjoyed it. But some friends went last year and said they found it too expensive and disappointing. I guess you can't please everyone. This little chap looks happy enough anyway.

  2. What a shame your friends thought it was expensive. Some things were very much cheaper than the mainland. Petrol is one of them. I know Stuart commented several time! Petrol locally is nearly 133p a litre in Jersey it was 120p a litre and that included road tax, whereas we pay road tax on top! We didn't go into a supermarket, but I would expect things to be priced the same, of course there are none of the main chains on the island - lots of co-ops and a Waitrose.

    This little chap was indeed very happy, especially when the boys on the next table fed them bits of sandwich!


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