Thursday, 18 August 2011

Simple Pleasures - Happy Memories & Sharing them!

When I was about 3 years old, I remember being given a penny UK stamp in a matchbox by my Grandfather.  After then, every time the postman visited with a stamped letter I was given the stamp which I added to the matchbox. I still have those original stamps, mixed in, to what became a childhood collection that I actually still have. Every now and again I pull them out and contemplate selling them, but something stops me. Perhaps it is the link to my childhood and happy memories of my Grandfather.

So, I was delighted to recently find a weekly meme called Sunday Stamps whereby, I might share a stamp or two before I seriously think about parting with my childhood collection for someone else to enjoy.

Then a sudden thought occurred to me. In Australia, I have a cousin with two children, and perhaps they would like the stamps and albums. I dropped my cousin an email and I was delighted, actually, it is my simple pleasure for this week, that her children would like my collection, that can be joined to their Mum's childhood collection. Therefore I plan to share over the coming months as part of that meme my collection then package them ready for my trip next year, where the collection will be place in the hands of their owners, for them to enjoy.

So, in essence, my simple pleasure is that I have had many years of enjoyment from the collection, built on a beautiful memory of my Grandfather and I will get to pass on that memory and treasure to two very special young people. What could be more of a pleasure than that?

Here is my very favourite photo of my Grandfather, the person responsible for starting the hobby in the first place. This is taken during the Second World War, when he was stationed in West Africa.

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  1. what a great simple pleasure.....

  2. That is a great picture of your grandfather. How wonderful that you are willing to pass on your collection to the younger generation. I used to collect stamps but gave them to a friend when I was moving many years ago because it was a passion of hers and I thought she would appreciate them more. :) Hope you have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  3. I agree; a collection has much more meaning - has a life of its own almost - when it's a shared project. How wonderful that your stamps are now connecting people who'll never meet :)

  4. This one is really a beautiful SP. I love how you are willing and even eager to share something so special with others in your family. Wonderful Simple Pleasure.

  5. Grandfather memories are some of my favorites, too. This is such a neat post.

  6. Yes, a simple pleasure, but to me the most wonderful part was the sharing with your grandpa.

  7. I loved everything about this post. What a unique simple pleasure, and a great story.

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments. My Grandfather I am sure would be delighted that the one stamp he gave me when I was about three had lead me to collect various things my whole life. The children they are going to are the Grandchildren of my Grandfather's nephew who left England and joined the Royal Navy in 1940 and was discharged from the Navy in Australia in 1946. He never returned to England.


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