Saturday, 26 November 2011

100 Word Challenge - Week 20 part 2.

Joining the weekly 100 words challenge for Grown ups. A selection of prompts for this week is below, based upon the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, which was celebrated last week. This is a second contribution for this week

....the powers that be / the apple of his eye / the writing on the wall

He read the letter again and looked up. He said nothing. He was playing those mind games again, knowing she had hated the silence. With all her might she did not speak, not even to offer a hot drink. The atmosphere was becoming heavy and stifling. She sat down with her coffee and looked at him forcing him to break the silence. Then he said "I'll have to ask the powers that be" to which she replied, my date is in the letter unless you would rather.....he interrupted, furious that she had the upper and final hand.

Taking part in the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #20


  1. A wonderful exercise. I should be doing this, too.

  2. And the intrigue continues. I still can't predict the ending - looking forward to part 3!

  3. This is such a great series because you are building the tension but not giving ANYTHING away! Fabulous!

  4. I agree with Julia, the tension is incredible.


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