Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas at Harrington's by Melody Carlson

Christmas at Harrington's

I would have missed this book had it not been for an alert advising me of free ebooks for the Kindle. I downloaded it and managed to read the book within a few hours.

Not my usual style of book, but this was a nice and gentle read. It is the story of Lena Markham, dominated by her father, plans to leave the parental home, only to find that she marries a man similar to her father. A man that thinks nothing of deceiving her. Working part time for a church dealing with their accounts Lena notices an anomaly. Her husband dismisses the idea. A while after a major discrepancy is noticed by the Bishop and the issue is investigated. Lena is arrested and charged, while her husband looks on.

Visiting her in Jail her husband advises that the Police have found the culprit and plan to flush them out, but in the meantime, Lena needs to stay put. He husband then asks for her inheritance money, so that the real culprit can be flushed out. Needless to say, bells should be ringing, but don't and Lena is left in prison, charged with a crime she did not commit.

After her release from prison, Lena wants a fresh start. Divorced and alone she decides to move to another town and hopes to put the past behind her. With a little cash in her pocket and a small cache of belongings she boards a coach for pastures new and meets a friend. Having arrived in her new town, to temporary accommodation, Lena does find work and starts to build her life again and then she encounters someone from her past, who announces that she is a convicted felon. Will her plans all come to nothing?

This was a quick read. I would have liked the characters to have been developed more, and would like to have heard more of the story beyond the ending we currently have. A nice little story on the approach to the festive season.

Kindle edition - ISBN 0800719255

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