Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Book Meme - Day 01 – The best book you read last year

Oh, this is a tough question. Last year I was in a fairly dark place professionally and read relatively few books because I spent nearly every waking moment at work and when I was home all my thoughts were work related. It was a spell of sickness that took me to realise the inner battle that I had been having with myself for months and I finally left my last job, before it almost finished me off.

What I did read was easy reads - books that allowed me to not think or analyse the storyline, but to simply disappear into a world that was absolutely not mine. I re read a lot of old faithful books. So, I guess rather than name a title, that if a book, even a re read allowed me to escape into a book world then it achieved what I wanted it to; and turn what was a dark year into something a little brighter.

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  1. Sorry to hear that it took an illness for you to change lifestyle, but glad to hear that you did.

    I am taking part in this too.
    Had forgotten until I saw your post so will catch up now.



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