Tuesday 15 November 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday - A Present from Guildford

This little treasure was purchased quite recently. It shows the landmarks those familiar with the area would expect. Guildford Castle, St Martha's, St. Catherine's and the famous High Street. The date on this piece is around 1920. 

eBay Image Hosting at www.auctiva.com

Seeing the picture of St. Catherine's reminded me of the Summers of my childhood. My Grandmother and I would walk along to St. Catherine's. There was a fresh stream of water and we always carried a beaker with us so we could have a drink of the fresh cool water. As you knelt down you had to be careful not to collect little bits of sand in with the water, but, my the water was so fresh and cool it was worth the walk and the risk of sand!

Submitted as part of Tea Cups Tuesday hosted by Artful Affirmations & Martha's Favourites

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  1. Hello
    I absolutely love your cup and saucer...it reminds me of my visits to England/Wales. You have some thing very special there!
    I am a follower, as I would like to come back and read more of your blog more after I have paid my visits to other Tea party blogs...
    Nice to meet you

  2. Such an inspirational cup and saucer set... truly a treasure and I love your St Catherines story... Thank for sharing ...Hugs

  3. That is a sweet story of you and your grandmother. The cup is really special. Wonderful cup to have in your collection.

  4. Hi: A great memory, captured in a tea cup. Very special. Blessings, Martha


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