Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weekend Cooking - Another All sorts!

The painkillers for the Sciatica & subsequent leg pain are doing a good job. I am sleeping at almost every available opportunity. I just felt myself nodding off as I was typing an earlier paragraph or two! The effects of the painkillers means that one of the usual bodily functions is not functioning and as a result I am eating lots of liquorice, which I always remember my grandmother saying was effective. Rhubarb is also effective, but is sadly out of season.

Apart from the liquorice toffees, and these are delicious! I am eating rather a lot of tomato soup, either out of a tin by Heinz or if I order from the milkman the delicious Tomato and Basil soup that is made by the Covent Garden Soup Company and comes in those old cardboard cartons, rather like milk used to. Remember those?

Yesterday, I had a bit of a disaster with the soup and microwave. I managed to get the packet open and put the carton in the microwave and thought I would cook the whole carton rather than mess around with a microwave container. The post man then delivered the mail and I limped my way to the front door to see if I he had delivered the latest find I had purchased from the States for my Guildford and District Project. He had - hooray!

I then made it back to the microwave to find the carton had fallen over and tomato & basil soup was everywhere in the microwave. All over the round rotating tray and the sides and rear of the microwave. I cleaned up the mess and then had to open the second container of soup, thankful that I had ordered three from the milkman for delivery yesterday morning, so that I could have lunch. The side of the carton says the soup can heat in 3 minutes in the microwave. The clean up operation took much longer than that!

Lunch today, was much simpler, put off by the soup fiasco from yesterday. I have rediscovered Lemon yoghurt - Yum! I noticed these on the milk website when I ordered the soup, so I added these to my order. They come in a set of four - Lemon (my favourite!), Lemon and Lime, Pink Grapefruit & Orange with Nectarine.

Like the impatient individual that I am, I always consume the lemon one first and I might explore the Tesco webpage and see if they make a lemon yoghurt then I can order a few on the next shopping delivery.

So, cooking is pretty much off the menu until the pain subsides. Meanwhile, it does give me opportunity, assuming I am still awake! to meander through some on line sites that I have had book marked for a while, and the odd book - all cooking related!

I came across the website for David Lebovitz. The web site is fascinating, although it took a while to load in both Google Chrome and Fire Fox. There is mention of an iTunes application called Paris Pastry. The app features addresses in Paris where you can purchase the most delightful food. There also looked to be several good food related books written by David, one of which looked like it had a scoop of coffee ice cream on the cover. I am rather partial to coffee ice cream!

Back in the early part of the Summer I wrote about the film Julie and Julia. You can read my post HERE. Well, I spotted details that the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking is soon to be an ebook.

Over the course of the last week hubby nipped into the library to collect two books I had reserved online. One of which was The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman. I also spotted details of The Recipe Club, which has promptly been added to my book list.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are in such pain. My dad was taking some heavy pain killers recently and having the same trouble. I have never seen a person so eager to get his bowl of prunes. Raspberries have lots of fibre, if you can get them for a reasonable price.

  2. Ugh -- sorry to hear you're limping around these days. Hope the pain goes away soon.

    I love David Lebovitz -- his ice cream recipes are to die for. Sounds like you've managed to find a some good books too.

  3. The toffee sounds to die for! Hope your sciatica gets better fast!


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