Monday, 14 November 2011

Book Meme - Day 08 - Most overrated book

I am probably going to be fairly controversial here, but, I think The Sense of an Ending is an overrated book. The storyline is about three lads who form a friendship and are then joined by a fourth lad. This is the story of their friendship and the parting, as three of them go off to University and the fourth goes to work for his father. It is the story of a girl and boy friend situation, with lots of exploring not the sexuality of such a relationship, but of their emotions and manipulations of young love.  It is that young love that is perhaps shattered as the young girl in the story love and then moves onto one of the other lads and loves again. It is also the story of memory. Of how, as we age we perhaps romanticise events from our youth. There was a twist that I simply did not see coming. It is a good book, but for me overrated.

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