Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday - A Commemorative Mystery -1934

Our house is a late Victorian one, set across three levels. Our lounge was orginally two rooms and at some point has been converted into one lengthy room of around 27 foot. The doorway of the first room has been removed and subsequently blocked in and replaced with a picture window and a ledge, which is a very suitable place to display some treasures. Over the coming weeks I shall share them with you.

So first up, is the mug third from the left. I have no idea what this mug is commemorating. I purchased it from eBay about 5 or so years ago. It wasn't very expensive under £5 and came with the crack!

The date being commemorated is 18th December 1934 and from the coat of arms could represent an event in Cornwall or with a sea faring history, or even those with a mining heritage.

Any suggestions?

Submitted as part of Tea Cups Tuesday hosted by Artful Affirmations & Martha's Favourites

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  1. Indeed a mystery! ,,.., Yet they are so much fun.., You have quite a collection of commemorative teacups/mugs.., I love the green and white transferware color especially.

    Happy Tuesday tea day.

    Hugs, Wanda Lee


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