Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar - 2011 Christmas Tree

Rather than repost last year entry I thought I would post something a little different.

There is a garden centre a few miles away who always has a fabulous Christmas display. We wondered if, in the throws of a recession this would still be the case and decided to make a visit. As readers will know, I have been unwell for the past 6 weeks with a very bad bout of sciatica, but nonetheless, I wanted to have a go at trying to have a little walk round. I did manage it, but boy was I tired! Anyway,

We arrived at the centre and the display was as a fabulous as always. Lots of different style trees decorated, tableware, tree and room decorations and a rather good selection of festive houses the sort that you can light up and are similiar to Lilliput Lane. Here is a quick snap!

Fabulous! In 2012 the UK is to host the Olympics. This year the theme for the tree decorations was done with links to previous Olympics, which I thought was wonderful. Here is the official website for the Olympics with details of all the previous 47 venues.

This is a popular garden centre, and on the day we visited the staff were replenishing stocks. I commented to the staff the displays were wonderful again and she said the Olympic theme was proving to be a success.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 pm

    How delightful to have such lovely displays close by and how affirming that they have continued their tradition despite the economy. I do hope your sciatica improves so you can get the most from Christmas.


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