Sunday, 4 December 2011

Joining the Off the Shelf 2012 Challenge

I truly need to make a serious dent in my mountain of books to read. The honest thing is that they do not live on a shelf, but in a blue crate. Yes one crate that is at toppling point. It can not be allowed to continue can it So, the plan is to take part in this challenge that can overlap with several other challenges that I have signed up to. So here goes! 
  • I am signing up to read 30 books from the mountain during 2012 - Making a dent level!
To make the challenge more interesting will focus on books 
  1. Books with an Australian theme, to compliment my trip in the Autumn!
  2. Books with a UK theme
  3. Books with a USA theme
To take part visit the sign up page HERE


  1. Wow - 30! That's a great goal. I'm looking forward to seeing the titles that you choose. Do share!

  2. I will - I need to have a good look through the box and the 2 piles next to it! - The titles will be listed here!


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