Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Joining the 2012 European Reading Challenge

Hosted by Read City Reader Click HERE to sign up. The Challenge runs from 1st January 2012 until 31st January 2013.

I am committing to reading five books known as Deluxe Entourage. The commitment is to read five books across five different European Countries or written by five different European authors. There is flexibility within the challenge in that I could specialise in foodie books  - Agritourisimo. Overlapping with other books challenges is allowed, which is excellent news!

Here are my books -

  1. The Scottish - Irish Pub & Hearth Cookbook by Kay Shaw Nelson (United Kingdom)
  2. TBC
  3. TBC
  4. TBC
  5. TBC


  1. Thanks for signing up! And I am very pleased to see you are doing the Agritourisimo version.

    I look forward to seeing the other books you pick.

    Happy reading!

    PS: I signed up as a follower.

  2. I joined the European Reading Challenge as well and I'm browsing through the participant's list. I'm so interested what everyone is reading!
    So you are going for the foodie version! Wow I so like that! I might mix it up a bit I guess. The first you added sounds so good already. Curious what you think of it. So I will come back for more! Happy Reading (and cooking?)


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