Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ramblings from my Desk.....(4)

I think it is confirmed. I am married to a Christmas Baby. Not just one who has a special birthday a few days before Christmas, but one who can be heard singing various Christmas songs the length and breadth of the house. Irritatingly, he can actually sing, which is more than I can do.

So, we have the tree up. Much to my disgust. It is far too early. The tree completely decorated my hubby. Although I think it is too early, it does look nice!

Hubby has also been enjoying his collection of "snow" covered Lilliput Houses.

This week I have had more physio. Having waited weeks before my NHS appointment came through, I did have a few private sessions. I chuffled my way across to the physio. It does pain me to say this, but what a waste of my time and energy. The first NHS appointment was as you would expect case history, understanding the pain and my mobility. I left with a series of exercises which I have been doing. All 5 of them three times a day. I arrived to appointment two, to more case history, a few more exercises and the sounds of the physio telling me that my Sciatica is gone. I disagree.

When will fellow health professionals listen to their patients. I agree the pain has changed, but that is not unusual. I have had the pain since May and been continuing to work. It eases with rest. I have a job where I am on my feet for at least 10 hours a day and I do not usually get sufficient rests - OK I am the boss, so that is my fault, but clearly something is pressing on my Sciatic nerve.The physio is going to request a series of X-Rays and speak to my GP. Meanwhile, I have another appointment with my GP and a referral for the end of January with the spinal unit.

So, I am now not only fed up and in pain. I am now angry and frustrated. The following day after the appointment with the physio I had the most dreadful pain and I am back to the end of October as far as the pain is concerned. I have had a tightness in my back since I started my sickness absence. The only physio to touch my back & perform any treatment has been the physio I paid privately to see. I am obviously paying my NHS contributions so I can sit in an NHS chair for 30 minutes and be talked too.

That is how annoyed I am. - VERY!

This week, Alfie our Border Terrier, who routinely puts in an appearance on this blog had a vets appointment. It was boaster time last week and he merrily has a jab and a snort of Kennel Cough treatment and is very good. This week there was surgery, in the nether regions of Alfie. So he is in discomfort and has been fairly poorly following the surgery.

Here he is, cuddled up with hubby on the settee on his bed. That blue bunny I made at school when I was about 14 years old, and now it is loved by Alfie, although he can not run and play with it at the moment.

And here he is at bedtime. What a sad face. He was thoroughly unimpressed with that busker collar I can tell you, but he can not be trusted, he is a nibbler and has stitches. Not a good combination!

So a household of three; two humans and a dog - the only cheerful one in the building is hubby singing Christmas tunes. So, in true school report style "there is room for improvement" and I would agree there is!

Until next time!


  1. Oh dear not good, hope your other half is looking after you both as well as singing to you Julie.

  2. Linda, he is looking after me and I am not a good patient!

  3. The tree is beautiful - hope things get better.

  4. The tree is kind of early for me too but it looks beautiful. I agree about the health professionals. If they would actually listen, they would be much more help. Sounds like the aggravation from the medical visit is making your sciatica feel worse. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Wishing you all well...consider hubby's singing a gift. Imagine how annoying if he loved to sing but was off-key (like my dear hubby!)

    Rest up and feel better soon!


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