Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sepia Saturday 106 - Happy New Year from the Front - 1916

So, Who was Fred?.....

A search of the Marriages for a B Turner in Guildford 1916+ to a Fred revealed one such entry. The marriage of Bertha A Turner to Frederick W Wait in the September Quarter of 1917 at Guildford. (Ref 2a, 201).

Working backwards to the 1911 Census. Did that reveal more of Bertha? The index revealed one entry for a Bertha E Turner. I took a chance and looked at the data. It didn't pay off, and revealed a Bertha Elizabeth Turner residing at 144 Walnut Tree Close Guildford, a stones through of my Grandmother at 114. Isn't research curious?.

Anyway, A quick look through the First World War records didn't prove obviously helpful, neither did the Commonwealth War Graves website.  So I still didn't know who Fred was. A quick search of the 1911 Census for him and I was surprised. It revealed one entry; just one.

Frederick William Wait, Single and Aged 20 years born 1891 Guildford. On overseas military duty and recorded as in the 7th Dragoon Guards and stationed at Hislop Barracks, Trimulgherry, Duccan, India.

That I had not expected. This is still not conclusive that the Fred in India is the Fred in France. Were regiments pulled from various bits of the Empire in order to fight in Europe. Quite possibly. 

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  1. You've done well to find out so much about Fred even though you can't be sure you've tracked him down.
    Happy New Year,Julie

  2. Well whoever he was he had a ‘Darling Girl’ which would have given him hope for the New Year ahead. Have a good 2012 yourself Julie.

  3. Great card, you are doing a great job hunting down who he is.

  4. Interesting card and research.

  5. Trying to figure out who the mysterious photographs are and the writers of the mysterious letters is a job in itself. Well done! and Happy New Year!

  6. Happy hunting in the New Year!

  7. Happy New Year. A sweet card.

  8. Anonymous10:46 am

    What a pretty card - imagine how much it would cost to produce today! Happy New Year :-) Google for "FIBIS" if you're interested in learning more about Brits in Inda. Jo

  9. A pretty card, but surely Fred's fingers didn't do this? Perhaps piecework made by a cottage craftswoman? And what of the rest of the story? Did they survive the war?
    Best wishes for 2012

  10. I loved these stitched cards from WWI. I have a few also. I wonder how long they were popular.

    Happy New Year.


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