Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekend Cooking - The Big Bread Experiment

I have had a lovely couple of hours watching a programme that was broadcast on the BBC last week. I do love iPlayer!  The programme was The Big Bread Experiment. It was broadcast in three parts and I hope that the programme can be viewed from outside of the UK. Here are the links.

Part One - Starting from Scratch
Part Two - A Rescue Remedy
Part Three - Baked to Perfection

Essentially, a group of women in the Yorkshire parish of Bedale form to make a bread group. Meanwhile, a local couple own the historical mill and are planning on its restoration. The aim is that the mill will grind the flour that the bread group will use to bake the bread and for the group to form a Community Bakery.

This was a three part programme that focuses on the group, the mill and its restoration and the support given by two artisan bakers from Bath, who have written a book to be published in March 2012 and trade as The Thoughtful Bread Company.

I loved the programmes, I loved the ethos that the drive behind the Community Bakery and what it was striving to do. I love the concept of restoring the mill, which is a wonderful piece of history. I liked the support that they received from the Thoughtful Bread Company and have plans to purchase their book next spring. Just as soon as I am feeling better I might explore with my bread maker, which has not seen the light of day for quite a while!

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  1. Oh my, what a very cool program. I would loved to bake bread that was grown and/or ground right in my area. How much more local can you get? I hope the program makes it to BBC America someday.

  2. That does sound wonderful! I support this idea as well. And I wonder if I might be able to download this show? Will check it out!


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